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Band Bios
Carlos Deanza - Lead Vocals, Guitar
Born in Santa Monica, California, Carlos spent his early years in Detroit, Michigan.  As a young man he made his way to Texas, where he attended the Art Institute of Dallas. While there, he became heavily involved in the local music scene, producing directing and hosting the popular ROCKLINE TV. Turning his focus toward his passion for music, Carlos began auditioning as a lead singer. His musical career enabled him to travel extensively throughout the U.S. Carlos now makes his home in Clearwater Beach, Florida, where the warm sun and clear blue skies are an inspiration for many of the songs he has written for the BUSHHOUNDS.

Timothy Capri - Vocals, Guitar
Tim a St. Petersburg, Florida native, attended John Hopkins University, graduating with a degree in engineering.  Following college, Tim moved to Los Angeles to pursue his love for surfing. Here he spent many hours developing his musical talents, performing on fraternity rooftops with a local band. After much success, Tim was persuaded to return to the Tampa Bay area to join forces with Mike Poulin to form the foundation of the band now known as the BUSHHOUNDS . His intense love for music is what drives Tim to play guitar with such vengeance!

Dean Schmidt - Vocals, Bass
Born in Maryland, Dean moved to Florida at an early age. The turning point in life of young Dean began with the purchase of the album "KISS ALIVE." From that moment on he knew he would one day become "Dean Dean the Bass Machine." While touring with another local band, he auditioned for the BUSHHOUNDS. The band members made him an "offer he couldn't refuse." When he is not tearing up the bass, Dean is dreaming of tearing up the asphalt on the NASCAR circuit and winning the Winston Cup like his favorite driver, #24 Jeff Gordon.

Mike Poulin - Drums
Mike was born in St. etersburg, Florida. Mike purchased his first set of drums from a friend for only $35.00 when he was still in middle school. He had no way of knowing that those drums would play such an important part in his life. Practicing almost day and night. Mike has honed his skills and become one of the most respected drummers on the Gulf Coast. To quote a local music magazine, "Mike is the backbone and driving force of the BUSHHOUNDS, the hottest band in Tampa Bay today."